Javins Corporation has some of the most experienced directional drillers in America. Brooks Javins, President, was directional drilling and releasing early research papers about different practices in the 1970s before it became the common practice of today.

The concept of directional drilling is straightforward. Your well target is below well-site locations such as a river, housing development or protected lands. Directional drilling allows you to place your well-site in an optimal location, then angle the wellbore to hit your target. Another advantage of directional drilling is the ability to drill multiple wells from one location without moving the rig and equipment.

Javins Corporation is unrivaled in experience when drilling in the Appalachian Basin and is capable of drilling using every method devised to date, from drilling-by-cable with photo-chemical single shots to the latest technology of Directional Hammer Drilling with EM-MWD navigation.
Horizontal and Directional Drilling methods offered by Javins Corporation

Javins Corporation offers complete services from early stage planning, well engineering to onsite leadership to hit your target.

Conventional directional drilling with a PDM Motor and most economic navigation and orientation system
Javins Corporation proprietary Direction Drilling Hammer Service (3 to 10 times faster than above)

Both of these strategies are compatible with:
Drilling on Air
Both Conventional and Underbalanced Drilling techniques

Directional drilling allows you to hit multiple targets from one location as well as find targets under surface areas that are not ideal well site locations.